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Egyptian Mummies

Saturday June 18 2005 10:10 IST

By Karmayogi

The Egyptians had discovered a method of embalming dead bodies which could preserve them for ages. Mother says the material mind preserves the bodies. Our Mind is seated in the brain. Brain is the body of the Mind. So also, the body has a mind. It is there in the cells. The cells are the organised parts of bodily Matter. Beyond the cellular mind, there is a Mind in bodily Matter. Mother calls it material mind.

This material mind when activated by a chemical or herb moves into action and preserves the body from disintegrating. Egypt had occult knowledge. It is wider and more powerful than subtle knowledge. The flower is material, but its fragrance is subtle. The subtle can be sensed as we hear sounds. The occult is invisible. The Egyptian was an older civilisation that had deeper knowledge.

For a headache, we take aspirin. Before the advent of such tablets, dry ginger - sukku - was made into a decoction and taken. Our headache and ginger are powerfully related in the subtle plane. When the head aches, there will be ginger nearby. One who has the subtle vision sees the relationship. He uses it and is relieved. The mind gives relief for headache by understanding that ginger has the capacity to relieve us from the headache. It is subtle knowledge that makes Mind acquire the power. Mind achieves when it understands. Mind creates when it understands.

We use currency, which is paper. But it buys Rs. 100 worth of goods or 500 or 1000. How did paper acquire this value? Man created barter. Mind replaced barter by paper currency. Mind created money, because Mind understands the meaning of barter. The whole civilisation we know of - government, banks, universities, the army, etc. - is created by the Mind. The entire Ayurvedic system is created by the Mind.

The Westerner has understood the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, work values, truth in word and deed, orderliness, punctuality, technology, teamwork, etc. Therefore he produces more. We are poor because we - our Minds - have not understood Prosperity. The West has understood Prosperity.

Egypt understood embalming. What have we understood? What we have understood we will achieve. Let us ask ourselves what we have so far understood. Or what we can understand NOW.

It is worth imitating the Westerner in work, education and living. Then we will be as prosperous as he is. We have something better. Our values are spiritual. Let us learn from the Westerner and add our values. Surely we can excel him.

To him, reading is education. To us, apart from its being education, it is Saraswathi. To us, wealth is Mahalakshmi, grain and milk are gods. Let us learn organised work from the Westerner and do it as we worship gods. When the material mind is activated, bodies are preserved for ages. When the Mind is activated, nations become prosperous. Add godliness to it. Our prosperity will be pure and divine. Wealth gives you money in abundance but also abundant worries. The money that comes through this Force is such that will bring you peace of mind.

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