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Colours of Spiritual Light

Saturday June 25 2005 09:24 IST

By Karmayogi

Spiritually awakened people, when they meditate, see a light between their brows or in their heart. Vivekananda saw it. When Mother gave Darsan to the sadhaks or devotees, She sometimes used to concentrate on them. At those moments, a spot of golden light would appear on the devotees shoulder. Golden light is the Light of the Supermind. Mother used to paint all Ashram buildings pale blue. It was Sri Aurobindos colour, the colour of the Overmind, a plane that gave birth to the Avatar of Krishna.

All lights we see are variations of sunlight. Light in the spiritual sense is the cosmic expression of knowledge. It is spiritual light. Sunlight is, He says, material light, light that is reflected by Matter.

Before the Spiritual Light which is incandescent, says Mother, midday will be dark. The opposite is spiritual darkness, a dense darkness. Before that, She says, midnight is as bright as day. During meditations, devotees see red light, purple light, white light, golden light, etc. Mother calls Sat Purusha the Self-conscious Being. She refers to it as the Supreme. White light is the light of the Supreme. It dissolves hostile forces.

People are frightened sometimes by the activities of hostile forces as a result of black magic. In one such house, the devotee entered carrying burning sambrani and started calling Mother. During the tour of the house, he saw spots of white light and suddenly a small slanting column of white light. The terror he was feeling till then disappeared. He made arrangements to occupy the house and carried out a few small repairs. The workmen found some small copper plates with writing on them. They were thrown away. A sweet presence was felt in the house.

Yellow light is of the Mind. Red is of the body. Purple is the vital light. Devotees see Mothers Feet in golden light during meditation. On Feb. 29th, 1956 when the Supermind descended on earth, Mother was in the Playground meditating. She saw a golden door and a golden hammer. Lifting the hammer, She broke the door. Floods of Golden Light descended on earth. Tamas rose from the earth and swallowed most of the light.

In the normal course of the earths evolution, says Sri Aurobindo, Golden light is due to descend on earth in 30,000 years. This, He says, is the Hour of God when Grace accomplishes in a year what would otherwise take a thousand years. Maybe there is no devotee who has learnt concentrated meditation who has not seen one form or other of the Golden Light. It is his relation to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Peace, Joy, ease, cosy comfort, inner chillness, velvety feelings, light, Silence, etc. are the signs of their Presence.

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