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Om Namo Bhagavathe

Tuesday June 28 2005 12:46 IST

By Karmayogi

The Mother says in the most hopeless situation, however daunting it is, this mantra, Om Namo Bhagavathe, will calm down ones nerves and restore an atmosphere of Peace. Man has minor and major problems. They arise from human relations, job situations, property, money affairs, etc. There are other problems where ones basic convictions are involved. Nehru said of Rajaji, When you discuss with Rajaji, he removes all your mental defences. It is dangerous. What would a man live on if he loses all his convictions? Ones own family reputation, the future welfare of his children, the psychological basis of ones future career development, etc. are great, deep, inner foundations. Rarely does a man find those shaken. It is a time no one can console him. There is no consolation anywhere in the world. One feels even God cannot help. Repetition of Om Namo Bhagavathe overcomes the catastrophe, changes the atmosphere for the better.

She explains what She means by each word of this mantra. Her own meaning will not tally with any other interpretation. The first word Om is Supreme invocation. Sri Aurobindo says repetition of Om in the right spirit takes one into Cosmic Consciousness, which is above the overmental plane. What is the right method? To be still inside, Silent in the soul, so that the word gains spiritual life and partly starts repeating itself. Om is the syllable from which the entire universe is created. Its invocation takes us to the origin of creation in that sense. The next word Namo means total surrender and perfect self-giving. The surrender of the Gita is to surrender ones mental beliefs - sarva dharman. Beliefs are part of the mind. Surrendering the beliefs, the mental Purusha, the witness Purusha, Jivatma, is released. Jivatma surrendering to Paramatma is the call The Gita gives us.

Sri Aurobindo calls for the surrender of mind, vital, body, and spirit to the Divine. The third word, Bhagavathe means aspiration, what the manifestation must become. (It must become the Divine). One aspires for the Divine, aspires for what the world must become. In the Agenda, Her explanations are given thus. The power of this mantra is negatively described, i.e. it can quell deep disturbances. What are its positive powers? One who has no such disturbances, who is safe in Mothers inner ease and cheerfulness can repeat this mantra. As negatively it can quell the most powerful trouble, positively it can establish inside the most powerful foundation of spiritual well-being. Mother says Man submitting to the Supreme with his bodily cells awakened will feel the Supreme Spiritual well-being. Mother has spoken of this mantra on several occasions. This is one instance of Indias spiritual treasures well preserved.

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