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Thursday June 30 2005 11:43 IST

By Karmayogi

Resourceful men in an Indian metropolis speak of great opportunities in life. They are advantages that never existed 25 years ago. One cannot sufficiently estimate their value. For bright, dynamic, wide-eyed young men who look for adventures in life, they are inestimable advantages modern society ceaselessly offers. It is for the patient and painstaking, not for those who are looking for money-spinners. Getting into the rhythm of such a wave of life, one finds his authority in the ascendant. One writer of note called it the genius for waiting upon events. New Horizon, Progress, Honesty, Advent, Adventure are the concepts that Mother used in different periods of Her life. When people asked Her to give a name to their establishment, She used them. Each of these forces has its own special attitude that is necessary to arrive at the result. One such is described here.

A successful man after a chain of glowing success finds progress coming to a stop. He can respond when he finds that there is a strategy to overcome the obstacle. It is: by completing all that can be completed, the incomplete offers itself to completion. He who understands the import of it, at once sees that his future progress is limitless. Enthusiasts will say the sky is the limit. Someone who wanted to improve upon it said, the sky too is not the limit. Dale Carnegie sold his books in millions and they are still selling. If there is an aged uncle at home known to be wise or even an aunt, sit at his feet, listen to him about life, encouraging him to come out by your earnestness. You will see he has lived in his own life all that Dale Carnegie says and would have done it better. Indian homes have such uncles and aunts in plenty.

Such people advise impatient teenagers: Come, sit down, be patient, dont be in a hurry, dont ask for the moon. You have simple duties, there is homework, tidying your desk. Do them properly and perfectly. There is nothing you cannot achieve. Those who listen to them retire in high positions. Those who have scoffed at them as the past generation end up in the government as NGOs. Here is a spiritual principle. The infinity - Brahman - is before your very eyes waiting for your attention. When you attend to your work, doing it perfectly, what responds to you is the Brahman in work. It is Brahman in life. If you follow the thread, you can reach Brahman in the Spirit, if you choose yoga or yogic life. Non-stop progress is around you, is at your disposal. Do it better than yesterday. Raise the efficiency of your work every day. Meet the resolute wickedness of life with patient determination. The stalemate of life yields before perseverance. Keep up your attitude and life will keep up its opening. You need to stop only when you choose to stop. Progress is non-stop. Life is inviting you, patiently waiting around you. The eternal SOURCE of progress is inside. Go in, the outer life will co-operate, the other man will be helpful. Mother will seek you.

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