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Light in Life

Friday July 1 2005 10:08 IST

By Karmayogi

Spirituality is for the sannyasi, says the tradition. Prosperity is for the householder. Spirituality in daily life is perennial prosperity is one sidelight of Mothers writings. She never spoke of prosperity. I do not speak of anything other than Prosperity. In 1929, the world was hit by the worst ever-economic crisis. In the USA poor houses were opened in every corner to feed the unemployed. One British editor who wrote copiously about the American life of various periods said, America could be the only country in the world where the unemployed came to the poor house for food in an automobile. Reading such anecdotes, my heart longs for the Indian masses to emerge out of abysmal poverty. The Chairman of a bank came to a village to inaugurate a loan scheme. The audience was in loincloths. He asked the organiser, To my meeting they come in loin cloth. How can I lend them money? That was in 1969. Today loincloth has disappeared from that village.

When Nehru was touring in 1925, he met young students. The fire in their eyes struck him. The work of the Americans is great. The mental clarity of Indian ladies with little education and less experience far excels the American intelligence. Talk to a Sanskrit scholar. If you know English lexicographers personally, then compare their comprehension. You will certainly be proud of India. Do you know Tamil scholars who are dedicated to the language? Sit with them, listen to their penetration. Nowhere in the world has scholarship gone to greater heights. A famous writer wrote a short story about a priest in a temple who was disgusted with the idea of earning money in the lottery. It is light in Life. I know for certain when the deep treasures of values buried in Indian hearts rise to the surface, Life in India will be Light. Public life is coming more and more under the sway of dark falsehood. Idealists are in despair. Mother said Man has never lied so much as today. To know Her is to be Truthful. To live in Her is to become a personification of Truth. Still, even the thought of it is daunting.

Sitting on Baliparai, Vivekananda saw the souls of Indians dark. By his aspiration, he turned them into souls of light. There is spiritual light in our hearts. Let us foster it. Truthfulness fosters it. To be eternally truthful is to be a yogi. One can do it for a period certainly. In that period he will see all the future spiritual possibilities for him. It is up to him to choose. One cannot maintain this vow for 24 hours. Life will make a mockery of his decision. He who persists will see Mother always supports him. To be truthful for its own sake is enjoyable. To accept it as a challenge of life offers inner power. To seek truth for the sake of the Spirit is laudable. Decide to be utterly truthful for a period of one week or one day. Better it is for a month. If you are enamoured of Truth, you will witness falsehood moving away from you. There are grim preliminaries. One will be frightened of improvident aloofness. Truth seeking will ultimately light the inner spiritual lamp. Gradually you will see life coming under your control. In 30 days of persistent perseverance, you will have a tryst with the inner Divine. It may be a dot of light or a jet of Peace. Once you have done it, no one need canvass your support to truth. It will be self-evident JOY. The home will change into a sweet home. There is only one enemy. The desire to go back may arise from inside.

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