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God and Life

Wednesday July 6 2005 11:38 IST

By Karmayogi

Life has a character of its own which simple-minded folk ignore. Meeting with misfortune, we exclaim, I have not done any wrong, why the punishment? To succeed in life, it is not enough one has not done any wrong. It is also necessary to be strong enough to handle the forces of life. Edmond Dantes had not wronged anyone. He was incapable of it. Still, he was jailed. When Dantes became a captain at 19 and won the love of the prettiest girl there, Life demanded he be strong to enjoy them. He did not have the capacity to suspect his friend and therefore could not defend himself against betrayal. This is the stamp of Life which I call character of life. You will be punished for no fault of yours if you are not resourceful, alert, awake and aware of all that might arise in the minds of your enemies. It is not enough to be GOOD. One must be fortified against life by strength as well as cunning. Dantes is a fine example of this.

What life has not, God has - benevolence. Life could not reward Dantes for his goodness, but when he was about to die, God gave him Faria, the priest, and through him knowledge, wealth and prosperity. God in him gave all this, not Life. The Force I speak of is Mothers Force. Meeting with a catastrophe, God spares you that experience. It is divine grace. This Force goes one step beyond. And that STEP is not there in life or on earth or in earthly life. When faced with evil, misfortune, danger or catastrophe, if you are lucky enough to call in the Force, if you are humble enough to submit to it, this Force transforms the evil into Good. A politician came to help in return of a big compensation. Another politician entered the picture stirring up trouble. The first hastily withdrew and changed the help into trouble. This is characteristic of life. The victim gave up his trust in money, men, influence and called in Her Force. The catastrophe turned into a wonderful opportunity for life, an introduction to power or the power behind the throne.

One may ask how to call the Force. Another may ask what is the qualification to invoke the Force. The answers are simple, but very difficult to implement. To invoke the Force, one must trust it, submit to it, i.e. in his own mind he should believe in the Force more than his own other resources. What is the qualification? There is no qualification. Anyone can do it. It can be done at any time, but NOT for any purpose. It can be used only for good purposes. Used for wrong purposes, one has to pay for it later in terms of lifes rules. Caught as a nut in a nutcracker, the most one can hope for is relief. But this Force not only relieves the man, but puts the forces of life that so far oppressed him in a nutcracker as a nut for him to crush. This Force brings life under his control. The only qualification is sincerity, truthfulness, goodness, honesty, etc. A Force greater than Gods Power is now offering to man its entire service. Will he avail of it?

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