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The Value of Man

Monday July 18 2005 10:38 IST

By Karmayogi

Man values himself out of all proportions unrealistically. Graphically, it is represented by the proverb about the doll on the temple tower which prides on its supporting the tower. Man is an adept in giving away his own value - importance - to another and being unduly submissive to him. Mother says Man extends this courtesy of his even to his problems and diseases. He worries so much about an ordinary problem of his that it is energised by his intense attention and possesses him as an octopus. She says the same thing about diseases. A small company works for a big company for years. The big company is slow in its payment. A very big sum accumulates as arrears. As a big amount is outstanding, the big company acquires a great value in the eyes of the small company, least realising its own value. The net result is the big company, sensing the attitude of its supplier, feels all the pride of its own situation and sleeps on the payment.

The customer values the bank because the bank is lending the money. Even the depositor values the bank, not fully realising the value of his own clientele. In ultimate truth, the customer is as valuable as the depositor to the bank. The bank is a service organisation. The voter attributes an inordinate value to the politician he installs in power. What happened to America in the last half a century is a good illustration of this principle. When the USA was perceived as a rich nation, her dollar gained in value. In India, it was 7.5 rupees in the 70s. As the world perceived America as a rich nation, her dollar gradually rose to the position of the unofficial world currency. More so, all the money in the world, rich and poor, gravitated to the USA who is now flush with money and is proudly exercising that prestige to its advantage.

Man does not see the VALUE is his, his own. To whomsoever he gives that value, his value rises. Coming nearer home, it is MAN who is the unit of the society. The value of the society today is the value each individual gives to the society. In reality, society looms large in his imagination and is oppressively sitting on his psychological life. It is time Man realises his value, his value to the society, comes into his own, becomes an Individual, and sheds the artificial value he has for the society. Should Man discover himself as a Spiritual Individual, he must first discover himself as a Psychological Individual who can act on his own. To do that, he must overcome the phobia of the society which haunts him as a dark shadow. It is Man the individual, the pioneer, who should lead the society, not the society the individual. For anyone to make it in social life, to make a mark, this inversion is essential.

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