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The Invisible Spiritual Infrastructure in Human Personality


Often low profile opposition political parties are surprised by a landslide victory in elections. They are generally unaware of the extent of the good will of political support they were creating all along. A party that has created a vast powerful support in teenagers will not get their votes in this election, but will be taken by surprise in the next election as chunks of voters suddenly come of age.

The spread of nursery education and professional education in India during the 80's was an inexplicable phenomenon for observers. It is true that a very wide sector of unseen potential of social readiness exists at any time ready to surface. He who knows the nation is called one who knows the pulse of the nation. It is a political language. Successors of religious orders are often selected from such an undisclosed store of information in the incumbent. The success of Green Revolution in a decade to double food production was one such phenomenon missed by the founder of the movement who left the Food Ministry in the first one-and-a-half years.

We hear very successful men declare, “Even now, I do not know what happened. I started something which unleashed every force around me to work in my favour. You see, I am here what I am.” He may not know, but it is a MOVE from the unseen Spirit for which he had a lucky inspiration. It occurred unconsciously and even after the success is consummated, he remains uninformed of what happened at the great initial MOMENT.

Every man is largely endowed with a vast reservoir of personality infrastructure - Spiritual infrastructure - all the time. Man's mind is groping on the surface for a promotion or a better employment, while the whole world of LUCK is waiting for him to call. Constant, conscious invocation of Spirit in every walk of his life will one day bring him face to face with those infinite potentialities, either unconsciously or consciously. Either way, he will find himself buried amidst PLENTY.

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