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Life Version of Chanting OM

The power of OM, which is also spelt as AUM - the three letters representing the Transcendental, Universal and the Individual is infinite. It reveals its power according to the level of invocation by the human soul. Assume you are an industrialist having a company of Rs. 3 crore turnover. In the course of your work, you have to listen to some people, speak to others, handle papers, receive or give money, etc. One does it with a sense of duty or responsibility. We do such things out of interest. Sometimes we are casual or even indifferent. Even irresponsibility too is a possible attitude.

The life version of chanting OM here is to be open in the soul and act from there. When someone speaks to you, it is possible to be all attention. To listen to another person like that is to listen from one's soul. We may do so to an important person, not to others. We receive a bundle of currency notes carefully, but the same attention is not there in receiving a file. All successful men are capable of such attention to all things big and small. That is why they are successful.

They have that capacity for total attention. If such a person runs a company of rupess three crores, let him know he is functioning from his mind. Let him simply move to the centre of Spirit and he will find the rupees three crore turnover moving to Rs 30 crore turnover.

Now that he has the ability for total attention, let him convince his mind that acting from the Spirit is far more beneficial. The very knowledge will change the company for the better. Calm, pleasant, attentive, patient attitude to work and human relationship will fully change him to the spiritual centre. Spiritual values in work - cheerfulness, the other man's point of view, pleasantness, patience, attention to detail, etc. - shifts a man to the life-version of chanting Om. Work is worship. Work is the prayer of the body.

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