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Sign of the Presence of the Spirit

By Karmayogi

Spirit is old, but the Spirit I speak of is not known to the world. This is the evolving Spirit, called in the terminology of this new yoga, Psychic Being. As this version of the Spirit has not been known at all, the results it brings about also carry its stamp - it acts through an agency not in existence NOW. This evolving Spirit is seen acting through newly evolving laws or rules.

A boy foolishly exhausted the four attempts allowed at SSLC in 1963 and failed. What is the alternative for his career now, other than becoming a shop assistant? He was an obstinate boy in every way and was not amenable to advice from any quarter. Someone who had infinite faith in the Spirit he invoked, gently suggested to this boy that he accompany him to his own spiritual centre. Luckily the boy consented. Of course, he was a passive participant in the otherwise LIVE proceedings of the emerging souls. A couple of days after this visit, the Government changed the rule so that candidates could take the SSLC exam any number of times. The faith of the one who had taken him to the centre was redeemed.

Every time the Spirit acts, it carries this stamp of being new. As it is the evolving SOUL, it compels life and its rules too to evolve. A village - the first village - got bank help by the bank changing its age-old habit and offering to help the farmers. An American author came to India to write a book on Management based on the spiritual principles of Life. Someone collected a birthday purse without telling anyone that he was collecting a Purse. Almost all those who contributed offered their contributions on their own. A salesman was surprised when his customer offered a ten dollar raise per unit of product over the price quoted. A client called his consultants at his own expense, contrary to the established practice in the trade.

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