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Home Sweet Home

By Karmayogi

Leaving his office, a man has developed the habit of going to the park where he stays till 9 p.m. before returning home. This he does to avoid spending any time with his wife. He says his sweet home has become bitter. Another man who has no quarrel with his wife or mother dreads home, as he has to listen to endless stories of their internecine quarrels. There is one simple solution for sometime. There is a vine with flowers called HARMONY - (botanical name: antigonon, common name: Coral Vine) - with pink coloured small bulbs found everywhere. People can make it a point of bringing a bunch of it every day and keeping it at home. Quarrels will disappear. The lasting solution is to work on their own unstable temperament to find a desirable psychological equilibrium.

A wife sharply abused her husband in the presence of a guest to which he replied, “My dear, you are truly a remarkable woman” and smiled pleasantly. By taking an irrational attitude of entirely adoring the wife's unpardonable behaviour, he dissolved the seeds of contention. The same results can be positively achieved in the same situation by rising to the heights of his manliness and deciding NOT to contribute to irrational behaviour. If he ever succeeds in doing so, that will be last occasion for her outburst and there is a chance of her regretting her own behaviour, whereas in the former case the husband's docility may fuel her temperament.

To put up with another's refractory behaviour is excellent manners; not to be disturbed inwardly by such behaviour is a noble expression of character; to be able to smile at another's lack of culture is strength of personality, all of which will yield good, desirable, social GOOD of domestic peace each at its own level. To conceive the other person's substandard behaviour as a true reflection of what one is inside is a spiritual realisation of rare strength. By invoking the Spirit from such an inner poise, one will be uplifted into Peace that is Shanthi, which will abide with him forever.

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