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The Quest of the Scientist for the Ultimate Reality


The latest conception of Science is that the ultimate Reality is Energy. Indian yoga and philosophy knew that even before the Buddha. Man's highest instrument is mind. It is capable of illusions. It has one peculiar capacity of becoming a slave to its own creation. It is man and his mind that created that wonderful institution of Money, whose power continues to grow with every passing year. Man, the discoverer of Money, finds himself a slave of Money. Mind allows itself to be conditioned and takes that conditioning as Reality.

In the film ‘The Matrix' the total extent to which such obsessions can grow is depicted very well. Science was born a few centuries ago to fight superstition that was enthroned in the society. Science grew in eminence and society conferred its recognition to Science while the society was still under the spell of superstition. Having accepted the society's recognition, Science longed for more of it, rather than maintaining the pristine purity of Science. Thus, Science gave in, not just to social influence but to superstition.

When one of our members spoke about the new inspiration Science needed to a former President of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, he wished those ideas to be presented to the members of the Academy. In addition, he declared, ‘‘These ideas are interesting, but unless some eminent scientist espouses these ideas, there is little chance of your being heard''. It means Science no longer has its own authority of truth, but needs the external authority of social eminence, which indirectly means the authority of superstition. We presented some of those ideas to the Academy at its conference in 1994. There was total interest, but no response.

Indians went two further steps beyond Energy as the ultimate Reality. We hoped that Indian scientists would be better able to appreciate our line of approach and placed those ideas before two eminent scientists. One never showed any interest while the other showed total interest but never pursued it. I will explain those ideas in the next issue.

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