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Theory of Creation


Science is trying to discover the ultimate Reality, the process of creation and the future implications of them for humanity. In our ancient past the ultimate Reality was discovered but not the process of creation. That was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century and was written about in detail. The world of scientists would do well to examine this theory. It remains for the past 80 years unnoticed.

Man is occasionally awakening to the reality of himself, but it is all for a brief period and in matters of smaller significance. The Indian scientist born of this Spiritual tradition has a glorious opportunity, as he is the son of the spiritual soil. It is considered that science was born in Europe and is being nurtured in USA. This is a partial truth. Experimental science was born in Europe and USA is nurturing scientific technology. Science is older than the experimental science of Europe.

Science is knowledge of the process. Experimental science discovered innumerable such processes that enable man to produce the objects thus studied. Beyond the process is the essence. The knowledge of essence enables one to know the theory of creation. USA has become the cultural leader of the world by virtue of its economic status. For anything to be valued in India, the population here needs the sanction of US life-style. The Indian scientist need not look to an economic giant for scientific inspiration as the Indian masses do. Science is inspired by the sources of knowledge and possibilities of such knowledge.

Should the Indian scientists examine the Theory of creation given to the world 80 years ago by an Indian sage, they are in a better position to appreciate its inherent value for science. The world is conditioned socially and psychologically. The true scientist is not one who allows himself to be so conditioned. He is the ONE, as Neo was the ONE in the film ‘‘The Matrix''. The contribution Indian scientists can make to the fundamentals of science is great, if they examine this Theory of creation.

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