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The heart that loves is more sacred and powerful than arranged matrimony is the ruling law of life in the West. In the film, The Matrix, the whole world has become a victim to its own obsession created by the mind. The few who are outside the obsession are looking for the ONE - an individual - who can save the world, realising the truth of his Being. Neo was that chosen one. Trinity, who is outside, falls in love with him and believes he is the ONE. When he is told so, he asks for an explanation. The secret here is Neo can save himself and the world only when he realises by himself that he is the chosen ONE, not when it is explained to him.

Neo is never able to know the truth by himself. Then he dies. His Mind fails. Trinity, who has the knowledge and who loves him with her heart, repeatedly tells him of her own belief. He comes back to life. The heart, being more powerful than the Mind, succeeds where the Mind fails. Faith of the Heart is a power to enlighten the chosen one and save the world in this story.

A young aspirant to the Spirit drew my attention to this story, as all that I had been saying for a long time was brought home strikingly by this story. If the heart is this powerful, the SPIRIT is more powerful. Spirit thus evoked showers all that one can wish for in earthly life, an overwhelming inner peace buried among the abundance of riches.

Should the seeker be a scientist and wish to make an original contribution to the body of knowledge, pushing the frontiers of knowledge to celestial frontiers, he need not make fresh original discoveries. They await his availing of them, waiting for him to seek them. The Theory of creation has long ago solved the mystery Science is looking for. The world of scientists abroad is buried in the obsession they have created for themselves. When the Indian scientist invokes the Sprit, he will emerge into the Truths the world is waiting for. Mother India is lovingly offering her children a rare treasure. Will they acknowledge her abundant love and receive it?

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