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Salary Arrears

By Karmayogi

Employment, especially in Government, is a great psychological cushion of security. Minor and major frictions may develop inside the department but rarely do they lead to drastic actions such as suspension or dismissal. Whether it is just or otherwise, woe unto the man who is such a victim. Once that happens, the ordeals, ostracism, indignities, privations and their impact on one's personality can be appreciated by those who have undergone or witnessed them at close quarters. A talented individual about to be promoted as the head of the institution was one such victim. He had to fight the battle for four years and could win only at the High Court.

It is difficult to run the family even when salary comes every month. How to survive for four years without salary? After legal success and reinstatement, he had to go to court again to collect salary arrears. We often hear “These things should not occur in one's life. If they do, even God cannot help us.” A gazetted officer lost his job in 1965 and was reinstated after three months. Again he lost his job at the end of a year. Again he was reinstated after three months. For years he could not get the arrears.

Once a friend got hold of an MLA and sent this man to the Minister with him. It did not work. He consulted friends whether he could invoke the Spirit. He was told that a prior condition is his mind must withdraw its reliance on rules, influence, short cuts, etc. He readily agreed, but his mind was not under his control. He was waiting to invoke the Spirit for the mind to cooperate. For a few days, he was in a dilemma. One week passed. On his entering his compound one day, the peon told him he was wanted in the office. “Office” for him was ousting. He shook from head to foot.

The peon guessed it and said, “Sir, it is good news.” He would not tell him what. It relieved the officer somewhat, but not fully. On reaching the office he learned that half his arrears had arrived under a new dispensation that any contentious issue could be finally settled later, but monies due may be paid in part at once.

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