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Srinivasa Ramanujam

By Karmayogi

President Dr Abdul Kalam has suggested that instead of waiting for a Hardy to discover another Indian genius, we should set about seriously searching for one. It is a laudable suggestion from an eminent personality. It is not a question of creating a genius but of searching for one who may be lost in the oblivion of obscurity. India has witnessed a procession of spiritually realised souls, not in hundreds but maybe in thousands over the millennia. Genius is the penultimate stage where, deviating from his own avowed goal of moksha, the Rishi diverts himself in a subject such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine, music, etc. The spiritual realisation in one generation, it is said, is never lost after that. It will be mostly in their descendents or those kindred souls that have picked up the vibration of Spirit. That blessed soul may not be aware of its presence in him. But it will never be totally suppressed and buried. It will show itself to the discerning eye, expressing itself in another unexpected field. All those who possess out of the ordinary talents in their own respective fields, whether it is tractor driving, building or public speaking, are potential candidates to be approached. The team that is on the lookout for the ONE must be given the training to look for extraordinary talents in a graded scale. On the surface it will be talent par excellence. Behind, it will lurk as essence of talent, a conceptual comprehension of the field hitherto unknown. Such people would be ridiculed in their own work spot. The potential candidates will be, more often than not, QUIET and will be lost inside themselves. To frame all the criteria for such a search and reduce it to workable administrative procedures that are most likely to land on the target is possible. Should the parents suspect such a latent possibility in their child, the very best method to help it emerge is to teach the child utter truthfulness.

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