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The Genius of India

Genius is greatness of the Mind that knows all that is relevant to one's subject, not by plodding search or research, but by virtue of one's being a genius. A genius is born, not made. In the occult worlds, there is a place where the memory of the earth is stored. He who can go there will have access to it. Inside us, there are zones where Sachchidananda is known as trikaladrshti, and prior to that another zone where all the knowledge one needs is stored. One who can go beyond the waking mind - Jagratha - can have its benefit. The theory is all knowledge comes from above and is available inside. Intuition gives us access to it.

The 64 Sastras of yore were created in that fashion. Legend has it that a princess who met a prince parted by a curtain drew his portrait. She said she could do so as the toe of the prince was seen under the curtain. The science of physiognomy - Samutrika angalakshanam enables one to know the whole figure from one part of it. It is a subtle science. Crossing the faculty of intellect through the aid of insight, one enters the zone of Intuition which enables one to have such knowledge.

The soil of India is saturated with Shanti, spiritual peace. The bodies of Indians carry Spiritual light. India is a land of Rishis. Spirit is our very breath. In order to cultivate that Spirit and culture its growth in our lives, what is needed is total Truthfulness. Science in the West is true to the core when it comes to its facts. Facts, findings are sacred to them as the swaram, pronunciation is to the Vedic scholar. Indian soil will put forth not one, but innumerable men of genius, when her poverty is transformed into prosperity and those who aspire to Spirit cultivate it by TRUTH in word and deed. Man needs a goal, must aspire for perfection and needs a binding conduct that ennobles him. His goal is the Spirit; the law of binding conduct is to honour his swabhava nature. He seeks divine perfection in life.

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