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Two Sides of Human Nature

CHENNAI: Life contains heaven as well as hell. It is for us to choose. Individuality that is a high endowment can also be used to create opposite results. In the best sense, the concept of Individuality means exclusive concentration of a person on himself so that his endowments will reach an acme.

The idea is that this Individual will serve the community at his best. Formed individuals do not share their personal problems with others. It is considered personal. The community too considers knowing the personal problems of another inappropriate. The concept of privacy is thus taken to ridiculous limits, which leads to unwanted problems. The individual who thus shuns others finally comes to shun all. He is shut up in his own life which creates stress, dryness and a sense of loneliness.

Very quickly, people make an ideal into a fad. Healthy sharing of experiences is termed as imposing on others or interference. The result is unbearable stress, physical as well as psychological. One person at the age of 83 had pains in the neck and back that travelled all over his body and caused an agony. The doctors said the only cure was pain-killing tablets. It was not in him to speak of his pain to his own family members, as he says, “I was brought up that way. To speak out my ailments to another is improper.”

Whatever this is, it has nothing to do with privacy or individuality. One makes a prison for himself and shuts himself in it. When he spoke of his pain to another member of his family, transgressing his holy rule, this phenomenon was explained to him. It made sense to him. He could see it was an absurdity. He came out of the shell of his privacy and most of the pain he suffered for years began to leave him in a matter of days. Great thinkers say that not much thought has gone into what is known as Human Choice.

Life is in one sense simple, rich, abundant, full of delight. Man has the choice to enjoy it as it is or to convert it into its opposite.

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