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Savitri, boek 2 t/m 3, The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds, The Book of the Divine Mother

voorgelezen door de Moeder met corresponderende tekst en met achtergrondmuziek van Sunil (klik hier om Savitri met uitgebreide muziek te beluisteren)

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SAVITRI, INHOUD (klik op de link om direct naar het betreffende boek te gaan)

1. The Book of Beginnings

2. The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds

3. The Book of the Divine Mother

4. The Book of Birth and Quest

5. The Book of Love

6. The Book of Fate

7. The Book of Yoga

8. The Book of Death

9. The Book of Eternal Night

10. The Book of the Double Twilight

11. The Book of Everlasting Day

12. Epilogue



Book Two: The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds

2.1. The World-Stair


103   There walled apart by its own innerness
104   In a mystical barrage of dynamic light
105   He saw a lone immense high-curved world-pile
106   Erect like a mountain-chariot of the Gods
107   Motionless under an inscrutable sky.


163   Once in the vigil of a deathless gaze
164   These grades had marked her giant downward plunge,
165   The wide and prone leap of a godhead's fall.
166   Our life is a holocaust of the Supreme.
167   The great World-Mother by her sacrifice
168   Has made her soul the body of our state;


196   The divine intention suddenly shall be seen,
197   The end vindicate intuition's sure technique.


202   This faint and fluid sketch of soul called man
203   Shall stand out on the background of long Time
204   A glowing epitome of eternity,
205   A little point reveal the infinitudes.


214   A slow reversal's movement then took place:
215   A gas belched out from some invisible Fire,
216   Of its dense rings were formed these million stars;
217   Upon earth's new-born soil God's tread was heard.


234   A miracle of the Absolute was born;
235   Infinity put on a finite soul,
236   All ocean lived within a wandering drop,
237   A time-made body housed the Illimitable.
238   To live this Mystery out our souls came here.


254   A figure sole on Nature's giant stair,
255   He mounted towards an indiscernible end
256   On the bare summit of created things.

2.2. The Kingdom of Subtle Matter


004   He came into a magic crystal air
005   And found a life that lived not by the flesh,
006   A light that made visible immaterial things.
007   A fine degree in wonder's hierarchy,
008   The kingdom of subtle Matter's faery craft
009   Outlined against a sky of vivid hues,
010   Leaping out of a splendour-trance and haze,
011   The wizard revelation of its front.


034   This brilliant roof of our descending plane,
035   Intercepting the free boon of heaven's air,
036   Admits small inrushes of a mighty breath
037   Or fragrant circuits through gold lattices;
. . .
041   And bright dews drip from the Immortal's sky.


054   In rooms of the young divinity of power
055   And early play of the eternal Child
056   The embodiments of his outwinging thoughts
057   Laved in a bright everlasting wonder's tints
058   And lulled by whispers of that lucid air
059   Take dream-hued rest like birds on timeless trees
060   Before they dive to float on earth-time's sea.


115   This wonder-world with all its radiant boon
116   Of vision and inviolate happiness,
117   Only for expression cares and perfect form;
. . .
120   It lends beauty to the terror of the gulfs
121   And fascinating eyes to perilous Gods,
122   Invests with grace the demon and the snake.


145   A heaven of creative truths above,
146   A cosmos of harmonious dreams between,
147   A chaos of dissolving forms below,
148   It plunges lost in our inconscient base.
149   Out of its fall our denser Matter came.


163   This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
164   From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
165   A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.


348   In us too the intuitive Fire can burn;
349   An agent Light, it is coiled in our folded hearts,
350   On the celestial levels is its home:
351   Descending, it can bring those heavens here.


408   Admired for the bright finality of its lines
409   A blue horizon limited the soul;


412   Life in its boundaries lingered satisfied
. . .
421   The beautiful body of a soul at ease,
422   Like one who laughs in sweet and sunlit groves,
423   Childlike she swung in her gold cradle of joy.

2.3. The Glory and the Fall of Life


046   In a gallop of thunder-hooved vicissitudes
047   She swept through the race-fields of Circumstance,
048   Or, swaying, she tossed between her heights and deeps,
049   Uplifted or broken on Time's inconstant wheel.


104   Above him in a new celestial vault
105   Other than the heavens beheld by mortal eyes,
106   As on a fretted ceiling of the gods,
107   An archipelago of laughter and fire,
108   Swam stars apart in a rippled sea of sky.


150   In a swift eternal moment fixed there live
151   Or ever recalled come back to longing eyes
152   Calm heavens of imperishable Light,
153   Illumined continents of violet peace,
154   Oceans and rivers of the mirth of God
155   And griefless countries under purple suns.


378   The nude god-children in their play-fields ran
379   Smiting the winds with splendour and with speed;


464   When earth was built in the unconscious Void
465   And nothing was save a material scene,
466   Identified with sea and sky and stone
467   Her young gods yearned for the release of souls
468   Asleep in objects, vague, inanimate.


496   Life heard the call and left her native light.
497   Overflowing from her bright magnificent plane
498   On the rigid coil and sprawl of mortal Space,
499   Here too the gracious great-winged Angel poured
500   Her splendour and her swiftness and her bliss,
501   Hoping to fill a fair new world with joy.


515   But while the magic breath was on its way,
516   Before her gifts could reach our prisoned hearts,
517   A dark ambiguous Presence questioned all.

2.4. The Kingdoms of the Little Life


082   Adorer of a joy without a name,
083   In her obscure cathedral of delight
084   To dim dwarf gods she offers secret rites.
085   But vain unending is the sacrifice,
086   The priest an ignorant mage who only makes
087   Futile mutations in the altar's plan
088   And casts blind hopes into a powerless flame.


107   Ascending slowly with unconscious steps,
108   A foundling of the Gods she wanders here
109   Like a child-soul left near the gates of Hell
110   Fumbling through fog in search of Paradise.


(zonder achtergrondmuziek)

202. As shines a solitary witness star
203. That burns apart, Light's lonely sentinel,
204. In the drift and teeming of a mindless Night,
205. A single thinker in an aimless world
206. Awaiting some tremendous dawn of God,
207. He saw the purpose in the works of Time.


290   The phantom of a dark and evil start
291   Ghostlike pursues all that we dream and do.
. . .
297   This was the first cry of the awaking world.
298   It clings around us still and clamps the god.


313   In the enigma of the darkened Vasts,
314   In the passion and self-loss of the Infinite
315   When all was plunged in the negating Void,
316   Non-Being's night could never have been saved
317   If Being had not plunged into the dark
318   Carrying with it its triple mystic cross.


332   A blindfold search and wrestle and fumbling clasp
333   Of a half-seen Nature and a hidden Soul,
334   A game of hide-and-seek in twilit rooms,
335   A play of love and hate and fear and hope
336   Continues in the nursery of mind
337   Its hard and heavy romp of self-born twins.


365   Huge armoured strengths shook a frail quaking ground,
366   Great puissant creatures with a dwarfish brain,
367   And pigmy tribes imposed their small life-drift.


396   Beings were there who wore a human form;
397   Absorbed they lived in the passion of the scene,
398   But knew not who they were or why they lived:
. . .
446   Ardent from the sack of happy peaceful homes
447   And gorged with slaughter, plunder, rape and fire,
448   They made of human selves their helpless prey,
449   A drove of captives led to lifelong woe,


536   At first he saw a dim obscure mind-power
537   Moving concealed by Matter and dumb life.
. . .
542   In the deep midst of an insentient world
543   Its huddled waves and foam of consciousness ran
544   Pressing and eddying through a narrow strait,
545   Carrying experience in its crowded pace.


669   A little light in a great darkness born,
670   Life knew not where it went nor whence it came.
671   Around all floated still the nescient haze.

2.5. The Godheads of the Little Life


014   He plunged his gaze into the siege of mist
. . .
018   As when a searchlight stabs the Night's blind breast
019   And dwellings and trees and figures of men appear
020   As if revealed to an eye in Nothingness,
021   All lurking things were torn out of their veils
022   And held up in his vision's sun-white blaze.


038   Astonished by the unaccustomed glow,
039   As if immanent in the shadows started up
040   Imps with wry limbs and carved beast visages,
041   Sprite-prompters goblin-wizened or faery-small,
042   And genii fairer but unsouled and poor
043   And fallen beings, their heavenly portion lost,
044   And errant divinities trapped in Time's dust.


156   An ocean of electric Energy
157   Formlessly formed its strange wave-particles
158   Constructing by their dance this solid scheme,
159   Its mightiness in the atom shut to rest;
. . .
164   Thus has been made this real impossible world,
165   An obvious miracle or convincing show.


231   At first she raised no voice, no motion dared:
232   Charged with world-power, instinct with living force,
233   Only she clung with her roots to the safe earth,
234   Thrilled dumbly to the shocks of ray and breeze
235   And put out tendril fingers of desire;


258   Then man was moulded from the original brute.
259   A thinking mind had come to lift life's moods,
260   The keen-edged tool of a Nature mixed and vague,
261   An intelligence half-witness, half-machine.


296   A fragile human love that could not last,
297   Ego's moth-wings to lift the seraph soul,
298   Appeared, a surface glamour of brief date
299   Extinguished by a scanty breath of Time;
. . .
303   Hopes that soon fade to drab realities
304   And passions that crumble to ashes while they blaze
305   Kindled the common earth with their brief flame.


310   A spirit that perished not with the body and breath
311   Was there like a shadow of the Unmanifest
312   And stood behind the little personal form
313   But claimed not yet this earthly embodiment.


400   A thinking puppet is the mind of life:
401   Its choice is the work of elemental strengths
402   That know not their own birth and end and cause
. . .
421   Into the actions mortals think their own
422   They bring the incoherencies of Fate,
423   Or make a doom of Time's slipshod caprice
424   And toss the lives of men from hand to hand
425   In an inconsequent and devious game.


540   In a narrow plot he has pitched his tent of life
541   Beneath the wide gaze of the starry Vast.


624   Our seekings are short-lived experiments
625   Made by a wordless and inscrutable Power
626   Testing its issues from inconscient Night
627   To meet its luminous self of Truth and Bliss.
. . .
630   Amid the figures of the Ignorance,
631   In the symbol pictures drawn by word and thought,
632   It seeks the truth to which all figures point;
633   It looks for the source of Light with vision's lamp;


634   It works to find the Doer of all works,
635   The unfelt Self within who is the guide,
636   The unknown Self above who is the goal.


651   Across the cosmic field through narrow lanes
652   Asking a scanty dole from Fortune's hands
653   And garbed in beggar's robes there walks the One.


677   A door is cut in the mud wall of self;
678   Across the lowly threshold with bowed heads
679   Angels of ecstasy and self-giving pass,
680   And lodged in an inner sanctuary of dream
681   The makers of the image of deity live.


721   This little being of Time, this shadow soul,
722   This living dwarf-figurehead of darkened spirit
723   Out of its traffic in petty dreams shall rise.
. . .
726   Like a clay troll kneaded into a god
727   New-made in the image of the eternal Guest,
728   It shall be caught to the breast of a white Force


740   But first the spirit's ascent we must achieve
741   Out of the chasm from which our nature rose.
. . .
746   Then kindling the gold tongue of sacrifice,
747   Calling the powers of a bright hemisphere,
748   We shall shed the discredit of our mortal state,
749   Make the abysm a road for Heaven's descent,
750   Acquaint our depths with the supernal Ray
751   And cleave the darkness with the mystic Fire.


754   He through the astral chaos shore a way
755   Mid the grey faces of its demon gods,
. . .
767   The watching opacity multiplied as he moved
768   Its hostile mass of dead and staring eyes;
769   The darkness glimmered like a dying torch.
770   Around him an extinguished phantom glow
771   Peopled with shadowy and misleading shapes
772   The vague Inconscient's dark and measureless cave.
773   His only sunlight was his spirit's flame.

2.6. The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Life


010   Above there gleamed a pondering brow of sky
011   Tormented, crossed by wings of doubtful haze
. . .
047   A magic flowed as if of moving scenes
048   That kept awhile their fugitive delicacy
049   Of sparing lines limned by an abstract art
050   In a rare scanted light with faint dream-brush
051   On a silver background of incertitude.


087   A spirit was there that sought for its own deep self,
088   Yet was content with fragments pushed in front
089   And parts of living that belied the whole
090   But, pieced together, might one day be true.


136   An Energy of perpetual transience makes
137   The journey from which no return is sure,
138   The pilgrimage of Nature to the Unknown.
. . .
205   A world she made touched by truth's fleeing hem,
. . .
213   It seized in imagination and confined
214   A painted bird of paradise in a cage.


278   She fashions godlike marvels out of mud;
279   In the plasm she sets her dumb immortal urge,
280   Helps the live tissue to think, the closed sense to feel,
281   Flashes through the frail nerves poignant messages,
282   In a heart of flesh miraculously loves,


299   Her eternal Lover is her action's cause;
. . .
310   Only to attract her veiled companion
311   And keep him close to her breast in her world-cloak
312   Lest from her arms he turn to his formless peace,
313   Is her heart's business and her clinging care.


385   In all who have risen to a greater Life,
386   A voice of unborn things whispers to the ear,
387   To their eyes visited by some high sunlight
388   Aspiration shows the image of a crown:


441   All powers of Life towards their godhead tend
. . .
453   A mastering virtue statuesques the pose,
454   Or a Titan passion goads to a proud unrest:
455   At Wisdom's altar they are kings and priests
456   Or their life a sacrifice to an idol of Power.


(zonder achtergrondmuziek)

559. Armed with a magical and haunted bow
560. She aimed at a target kept invisible
561. And ever deemed remote though always near.


671   A Sphinx whose eyes look up to a hidden Sun.


866   Our souls are dragged as with a hidden leash,
867   Carried from birth to birth, from world to world,


960   These long far files of forward-striving hopes
961   Lift worshipping eyes to the blue Void called heaven

2.7. The Descent into Night


137   A charm and sweetness sudden and formidable,
138   Faces that raised alluring lips and eyes
139   Approached him armed with beauty like a snare,
140   But hid a fatal meaning in each line
141   And could in a moment dangerously change.
142   But he alone discerned that screened attack.


179   A Power that laughed at the mischiefs of the world,
180   An irony that joined the world's contraries
181   And flung them into each other's arms to strive,
182   Put a sardonic rictus on God's face.


320   Only were safe who kept God in their hearts:
321   Courage their armour, faith their sword, they must walk,
322   The hand ready to smite, the eye to scout,
323   Casting a javelin regard in front,
324   Heroes and soldiers of the army of Light.


575   Haled by a serpent-force from its warm home
576   And dragged to extinction in bleak vacancy
577   Life clung to its seat with cords of gasping breath;
578   Lapped was his body by a tenebrous tongue.


608   He mastered the tides of Nature with a look:
609   He met with his bare spirit naked Hell.

2.9. The Paradise of the Life-Gods


056   A summit and core of all that marvellous world,
057   Apart stood high Elysian nameless hills,
058   Burning like sunsets in a trance of eve.
. . .
061   Their slopes through a hurry of laughter and voices sank,
062   Crossed by a throng of singing rivulets,
063   Adoring blue heaven with their happy hymn,
064   Down into woods of shadowy secrecy:


109   A scale of sense that climbed with fiery feet
110   To heights of unimagined happiness,
111   Recast his being's aura in joy-glow,
112   His body glimmered like a skiey shell;


150   A giant drop of the Bliss unknowable
151   Overwhelmed his limbs and round his soul became
152   A fiery ocean of felicity;
. . .
155   The rapture that the gods sustain he bore.

2.10. The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Little Mind


042   But first he met a silver-grey expanse
043   Where Day and Night had wedded and were one:
. . .
104   Escaping over a wide and shimmering bridge,
105   He came into a realm of early Light
106   And the regency of a half-risen sun.
107   Out of its rays our mind's full orb was born.


185   Thus streamed down from the realm of early Light
186   Ethereal thinkings into Matter's world;
187   Its gold-horned herds trooped into earth's cave-heart.
188   Its morning rays illume our twilight's eyes,
189   Its young formations move the mind of earth
190   To labour and to dream and new-create,
191   To feel beauty's touch and know the world and self:
192   The Golden Child began to think and see.


207   A small keen instrument the great Puissance chose,
. . .
259   A dwarf three-bodied trinity was her serf.
260   First, smallest of the three, but strong of limb,
261   A low-brow with a square and heavy jowl,
262   A pigmy Thought needing to live in bounds
263   For ever stooped to hammer fact and form.
264   Absorbed and cabined in external sight,
265   It takes its stand on Nature's solid base.


330   A fiery spirit came, next of the three.
331   A hunchback rider of the red Wild-Ass,
332   A rash Intelligence leaped down lion-maned
333   From the great mystic Flame that rings the worlds
334   And with its dire edge eats at being's heart.
335   Thence sprang the burning vision of Desire.


407   Of all these Powers the greatest was the last.
. . .
412   Came Reason, the squat godhead artisan,
413   To her narrow house upon a ridge in Time.
. . .
418   Armed with her lens and measuring-rod and probe,
419   She looked upon an object universe


735   Above in a high breathless stratosphere,
736   Overshadowing the dwarfish trinity,
737   Lived, aspirants to a limitless Beyond,
. . .
742   Two sun-gaze Daemons witnessing all that is.
743   A power to uplift the laggard world,
744   Imperious rode a huge high-winged Life-Thought
. . .
760   Beyond in wideness where no footing is,
. . .
763   A pure Thought-Mind surveyed the cosmic act.
764   Archangel of a white transcending realm,
765   It saw the world from solitary heights

2.11. The Kingdoms and Godheads of the Greater Mind


134   His privilege regained of shadowless sight
135   The Thinker entered the immortals' air
136   And drank again his pure and mighty source.


154   In gleaming clarities of amethyst air
155   The chainless and omnipotent Spirit of Mind
156   Brooded on the blue lotus of the Idea.


166   A triple realm of ordered thought came first,
167   A small beginning of immense ascent:
. . .
185   The mighty wardens of the ascending stair
186   Who intercede with the all-creating Word,
187   There waited for the pilgrim heaven-bound soul;
188   Holding the thousand keys of the Beyond
189   They proffered their knowledge to the climbing mind
190   And filled the life with Thought's immensities.


212   In front of the ascending epiphany
213   World-Time's enjoyers, favourites of World-Bliss,
. . .
216   Creators of Matter by hid stress of Mind
217   Whose subtle thoughts support unconscious Life
218   And guide the fantasy of brute events,
219   Stood there, a race of young keen-visioned gods,
220   King-children born on Wisdom's early plane,
221   Taught in her school world-making's mystic play.


(zonder achtergrondmuziek)

296. Above stood ranked a subtle archangel race
297. With larger lids and looks that searched the unseen.


399   In a sublimer and more daring soar
400   To the wide summit of the triple stairs
401   Bare steps climbed up like flaming rocks of gold
402   Burning their way to a pure absolute sky.

2.12. The Heavens of the Ideal


011   At each pace of the journey marvellous
012   A new degree of wonder and of bliss,
013   A new rung formed in Being's mighty stair,
014   A great wide step trembling with jewelled fire
015   As if a burning spirit quivered there
016   Upholding with his flame the immortal hope,


024   On one side glimmered hue on floating hue,
025   A glory of sunrise breaking on the soul,
026   In a tremulous rapture of the heart's insight
027   And the spontaneous bliss that beauty gives,
028   The lovely kingdoms of the deathless Rose.


092   On the other side of the eternal stairs
093   The mighty kingdoms of the deathless Flame
094   Aspired to reach the Being's absolutes.
095   Out of the sorrow and darkness of the world,
096   Out of the depths where life and thought are tombed,
097   Lonely mounts up to heaven the deathless Flame.


152   He through the Ideal's kingdoms moved at will,
. . .
167   A glorious shining Angel of the Way
168   Presented to the seeking of the soul
169   The sweetness and the might of an idea,
170   Each deemed Truth's intimate fount and summit force,
171   The heart of the meaning of the universe,
172   Perfection's key, passport to Paradise.

2.13. In the Self of Mind


010   He stood on a wide arc of summit Space
011   Alone with an enormous Self of Mind
012   Which held all life in a corner of its vasts.


052   There he could stay, the Self, the Silence won:
053   His soul had peace, it knew the cosmic Whole.
054   Then suddenly a luminous finger fell
055   On all things seen or touched or heard or felt
056   And showed his mind that nothing could be known;
057   That must be reached from which all knowledge comes.
058   The sceptic Ray disrupted all that seems
059   And smote at the very roots of thought and sense.


158   A rumour and a movement and a call,
159   A foaming mass, a cry innumerable
160   Rolled ever upon the ocean surge of Life
. . .
168   A huge creator Death, a mystic Void,
169   For ever sustaining the irrational cry,
170   For ever excluding the supernal Word,
171   Motionless, refusing question and response,
172   Reposed beneath the voices and the march
173   The dim Inconscient's dumb incertitude.

2.14. The World-Soul


002   In a far shimmering background of Mind-Space
003   A glowing mouth was seen, a luminous shaft;
004   A recluse gate it seemed, musing on joy,
005   A veiled retreat and escape to mystery.
. . .
018   As if a message from the world's deep soul,
019   An intimation of a lurking joy
020   That flowed out from a cup of brooding bliss,
021   There shimmered stealing out into the Mind
022   A mute and quivering ecstasy of light,
023   A passion and delicacy of roseate fire.


209   Along a road of pure interior light,
210   Alone between tremendous Presences,
211   Under the watching eyes of nameless Gods,
212   His soul passed on, a single conscious power,
. . .
215   To the source of all things human and divine.
216   There he beheld in their mighty union's poise
217   The figure of the deathless Two-in-One,
218   A single being in two bodies clasped,
219   A diarchy of two united souls,
220   Seated absorbed in deep creative joy;
. . .
222   Behind them in a morning dusk One stood
223   Who brought them forth from the Unknowable.


238   His spirit was made a vessel of her force;
239   Mute in the fathomless passion of his will
240   He outstretched to her his folded hands of prayer.


258   He fell down at her feet unconscious, prone.

2.15. The Kingdoms of the Greater Knowledge


103   On the last step to the supernal birth
104   He trod along extinction's narrow edge
105   Near the high verges of eternity,
106   And mounted the gold ridge of the world-dream
107   Between the slayer and the saviour fires;


120   He had reached the top of all that can be known:
. . .
134   All flowed immeasurably to one sea:
135   All living forms became its atom homes.
136   A Panergy that harmonised all life
137   Held now existence in its vast control;
138   A portion of that majesty he was made.
139   At will he lived in the unoblivious Ray.

Book Three: The Book of the Divine Mother

3.1. The Pursuit of the Unknowable


094   The universe removed its coloured veil,
095   And at the unimaginable end
096   Of the huge riddle of created things
097   Appeared the far-seen Godhead of the whole,
098   His feet firm-based on Life's stupendous wings,
099   Omnipotent, a lonely seer of Time,
100   Inward, inscrutable, with diamond gaze.

3.2. The Adoration of the Divine Mother


015   O soul, it is too early to rejoice!
. . .
026   Only the everlasting No has neared
027   And stared into thy eyes and killed thy heart:
028   But where is the Lover's everlasting Yes,
029   And immortality in the secret heart,
030   The voice that chants to the creator Fire,
031   The symbolled OM, the great assenting Word,


087   Abolishing the signless emptiness,
088   Breaking the vacancy and voiceless hush,
089   Piercing the limitless Unknowable,
090   Into the liberty of the motionless depths
091   A beautiful and felicitous lustre stole.
. . .
093   Imaged itself in a surprising beam
094   And built a golden passage to his heart
095   Touching through him all longing sentient things.


138   A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare,
139   A burning Love from white spiritual founts
140   Annulled the sorrow of the ignorant depths;
141   Suffering was lost in her immortal smile.



151   At the head she stands of birth and toil and fate,
152   In their slow rounds the cycles turn to her call;
153   Alone her hands can change Time's dragon base.
154   Hers is the mystery the Night conceals;
155   The spirit's alchemist energy is hers;
156   She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.
157   The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
158   A power of silence in the depths of God;
159   She is the Force, the inevitable Word,
160   The magnet of our difficult ascent,
161   The Sun from which we kindle all our suns,
162   The Light that leans from the unrealised Vasts,
163   The joy that beckons from the impossible,
164   The Might of all that never yet came down.
165   All Nature dumbly calls to her alone
166   To heal with her feet the aching throb of life
167   And break the seals on the dim soul of man
168   And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.
169   All here shall be one day her sweetness' home,
170   All contraries prepare her harmony;
171   Towards her our knowledge climbs, our passion gropes;
172   In her miraculous rapture we shall dwell,
173   Her clasp will turn to ecstasy our pain.
174   Our self shall be one self with all through her.


175   In her confirmed because transformed in her,
176   Our life shall find in its fulfilled response
177   Above, the boundless hushed beatitudes,
178   Below, the wonder of the embrace divine.
179   This known as in a thunder-flash of God,
180   The rapture of things eternal filled his limbs;
181   Amazement fell upon his ravished sense;
182   His spirit was caught in her intolerant flame.
183   Once seen, his heart acknowledged only her.

3.3. The House of the Spirit and the New Creation


213   The great world-rhythms were heart-beats of one Soul,
214   To feel was a flame-discovery of God,
215   All mind was a single harp of many strings,
216   All life a song of many meeting lives;
217   For worlds were many, but the Self was one.
218   This knowledge now was made a cosmos' seed:
219   This seed was cased in the safety of the Light,
222   It needed not a sheath of Ignorance.


248   None was apart, none lived for himself alone,
249   Each lived for God in him and God in all,
250   Each soleness inexpressibly held the whole.


300   In these new worlds projected he became
301   A portion of the universal gaze,
302   A station of the all-inhabiting light,
303   A ripple on a single sea of peace.


407   Endlessly she unrolled her moving act,
408   A mystery drama of divine delight,
. . .
413   An ardent hunt of soul looking for soul,
414   A seeking and a finding as of gods.


424   There substance was a resonant harp of self,
425   A net for the constant lightnings of the spirit,
. . .
432   Its bodies woven by a divine sense
433   Prolonged the nearness of soul's clasp with soul;


528. All had not ceased in the unbounded hush.
529. His heart lay somewhere conscious and alone
530. Far down below him like a lamp in night;
. . .
539. In the centre of his vast and fateful trance
540. Half-way between his free and fallen selves,
541. Interceding twixt God's day and the mortal's night,
542. Accepting worship as its single law,
. . .
546. To her it turned for whom it willed to be.

3.4. The Vision and the Boon


007   An Influence had approached the mortal range,
008   A boundless Heart was near his longing heart,
009   A mystic Form enveloped his earthly shape.


028   Flame-pure, ethereal-tressed, a mighty Face
029   Appeared and lips moved by immortal words;


339   A giant dance of Shiva tore the past;


346. I saw the Omnipotent's flaming pioneers
347. Over the heavenly verge which turns towards life
348. Come crowding down the amber stairs of birth;
349. Forerunners of a divine multitude,
350. Out of the paths of the morning star they came
351. Into the little room of mortal life.


429   "O strong forerunner, I have heard thy cry.
430   One shall descend and break the iron Law,
431   Change Nature's doom by the lone spirit's power.


483   His soul drew back into the speed and noise
484   Of the vast business of created things.

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