Notes On Spirituality In Life

Hier vind je verschillende artikelen, notities en essays over de Sri Aurobindo, de Moeder en de integrale yoga. Maar ook artikelen, notities en essays over het alledaagse leven geschreven vanuit de visie van de integrale yoga.

On Sri Aurobindo's works and ideas: On Yoga in Life:
A Glimpse of Sri Aurobindo's Delight
A Discussion on Aspects of The Life Divine
Moment of Truth
The Vision of Savitri
Spiritual Realisation in Yoga
The Life Divine, Levels of Comprehension
The Age of Sri Aurobindo -- Mother's Yoga
Assumptions Behind the Works of Sri Aurobindo
Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine
Sri Aurobindo's Theory of Creation
From Becoming to the Being of the Becoming
Sri Aurobindo's View of Existence
Significance of Sri Aurobindo's Surrender
The Absolute
Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and the Ashram
Brahma Jananam
Slow, Deliberate Joy
Rational Approach to Mysticism
Changing Dimensions of Consciousness
Detachment and Integral Yoga
Integrality of Life
Infinite Expressing the Finite
Science and Spirituality
Attainment of Higher Consciousness
Surrender Renders Strength
Some Fundamentals of Yoga
Gross and Subtle Planes
The Moment of the Movement
Evolution of the Spirit
Felicity and Joy
Mother's Force Can Abridge Evolution
Prayer as Consecration
Karma vs. Luck
Whether Faith can be Created or Increased?
The Power of Prayer
Enjoyment and Ego
Methods by which Strength Gathers
What is a Choice
Calling The Mother into Us
Negative Changes into Positive
The Other Man's Point of View -- Identifying with Mother
Inner Self-Awareness
Romance is the Eternal Emerging in the Ephemeral
The Rationale of the Irrational
What is a Conscious Act?
Significance of Surrender that Transforms
I am NOT Born Like That
Moving to a Higher Centre
Consecration of the Past
To Speak Only the Truth
Flowers and Their Messages
Why is Consecration Powerful?

On Human Accomplishment: On Life Response in books and films:
The Hour of God
Limiting the Limitless
Human Choice During Times of Transition
Making the Unreal Real
The Process of Decision-Making
Organising the Higher Consciousness in Us
Everlasting Freshness
Silent Will
The Moment
The Secret of Values

"Erin Brockovich"
"Contact - The Movie"
"Gone With the Wind"
"An Affair to Remember"
Notes on "An Ideal Husband"
Notes on Anthony Trollope's Warden andBarchester Towers
Notes on Jane Eyre
Social Evolution in Pride and Prejudice

On Human Personality: On the Mind and Knowledge
Organisation of Personality
Nine Levels
Levels of Personality One to Nine
Wills at Several Levels of the Personality
Composition of Human Personality
Planes and Parts of the Being
Human Personality
Human Development
The Process of Personal Growth
The Significance of Passion -- Napoleon
Psychological DNA

Mind in its Purity
The Occupation of the Mind
Knowledge of the Future is There in the Past
Subtle Knowledge
Intellect Acquiring Subtle Instinct
Intellect and Intelligence

On Success and Luck: On Society:
Swabhava and Prosperity
What is the Key?
Abundant Prosperity
The Creative Power of Money
A Wonderful Beginning, Steady Expansion
Prosperity -- Spiritual & Material
Unfailing Success
Unfailing Conscious Efficiency that is the Formula for Luck
Formula for Universal Luck
Social Power Multiplying the Money Power
Money--Subtle Knowledge
History of Human Accomplishment
Potentials are Infinite
India and Her Great Future
Perception of Poverty
Youth and the Wisdom of the World
The Great Institutions of the Society
Individuality of Values and Light in the Body
The Actual Reason and the Assumed Reason
The Power of a New Ideal
Religion in Politics
Self-Generation of Prosperity by the Society
True Leader and Public Opinion
The Creative Collective
Social Evolution
Planes of Existence and Strategies

On Education: On Organisation:

Genius of the Child
Teaching is One Part of Education
Newspaper as a Tool of Teaching a Language
Reading and Writing
Educating the Child
The Energy Behind the Genius
Information -- Spiritual Grace
Wisdom that Explains World Events
Santa Claus

Potential for Organisation
Hierarchy of Organisation
Evolution of Organisation
Various Levels of Organisation in Language
Mind the Organiser
Physical Organisation of the World
The Living Organisation
On the Family: On Problems:
Formula for Family Happiness
Family and Mother's Truth
Peaceful Domestic Happiness
Situations that Defy Surrender or Consecration
Insoluble Problems
Breaking the Human Barrier
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